About The Pram Race

Roll up, Roll up…….United Response proudly present The Teddington Pram Race. The Pram Race has been a local tradition here in Teddington for over 15 years. While it has had its ups and downs United Response have taken the reins to ensure this local tradition is restored to its former glory.

What Is The Pram Race I hear You Cry?

Well the new and improved “United Response Pram Race” is a community event, held on the 30th June alongside the Teddington fair. Teams consisting of 3-5 people can enter a pram to run the race. Teams have to decorate a pram (or something similar) and dress up in the wackiest costumes they can find.

The racers will start at The Mansion Arms Pub and make their way along the route. The race is just under a mile long and will take the racers along the highstreet of Teddington, where crowds will be gathered to cheer everyone one. Throughout the route we will have marshals stationed at different checkpoints. At these checkpoints participants will have to complete different challenges. Challenges may include singing a nursery rhythm as loud as you can or eating 3 crackers in the fastest time but the challenges are top secret so you will not know until you reach the checkpoints. The race will finish at Udney Hall gardens where the Teddington fair is taking place.

Each pram will be given a set time to start the race at, 2 minute intervals, to stop any congestion at checkpoints. The United Response Pram Race is free to enter, team sponsorship is encouraged but not essential. Any money raised is going to be split 50/50 between United Response and The Teddington Society. United Response will be using the money to create and maintain new activities within the community. Teams who enter will have their organisation and team name promoted throughout the community via Facebook, community and internal newsletters as well as posters.

While the event is labelled as a “race” participants can take it as slow or fast as they like. It is a fun and interactive activity for all to partake in. There will however, be prizes for; fastest time, most challenges completed and wackiest costumes. Prizes and times will be awarded at the Teddington fete by a very important special guest.

If you are interested in being a marshal or taking part in the United Response Pram Race then contact either Matthew M.Campbell or Adam Sutherland at: Matthew.campbell@unitedresponse.org.uk and Adam.sutherland@unitedresponse.org.uk


United Response is a registered charity (registered charity number 265249)