Pram Race Route & Notes

Route Notes

You must stop at Marshalls indicated in RED to be checked-in/complete challenge.

Depart from the MASONS ARMS and head up Walpole Road

Turn Right on to Church Road

Complete a challenge at the Methodist Church

Once complete, cross at the Methodist church marked by a Marshal.

Continue up Church Road and take a left onto the A313

Go over the bridge and take a left onto Waldegrave road,where you you will be helped across the road my a Marshal.

Continue down Waldergrave until you get to The Bright Click Challenge.

Once the challenge is complete turn around and go back up Waldegrave until you reach the corner.

Follow the gardens to the crossing where a Marshal will help you across the road.

On the other side check in with the Marshal for the Better Gym challenge.

Cross the Traffic Lights so you are on the right side of the high street.

There are a lot of shops and cafés on this side of the road which may be open so please take care.

Bare right and head down Field Lane. When you pass the Marshal cross the road to complete the UR Challenge.

Head on back up Field Lane and turn right onto the High street.

Stop at the Marshal opposite MnS for a Challenge

Continue up the high street taking care when crossing the roads.

Turn right at the small Sainsbury’s onto Langham road, listening to the Marshal stationed there.

Do not cross the road until you reach the next Marshal. This will ensure that you enter the gardens/fair at the FINISH LINE. If you try to get in at the pedestrian entrances closer to the High Street you will cause an obstruction and lose time.

After finishing please put your pram in the Stage Area and STAND BY FOR PRIZE GIVING at 15.00 prompt.

I think that’s it. Enjoy!